Fall 2005 Newsletter

Wellness Packages…A Huge Success!

This Spring we implemented puppy and kitten wellness packages. These packages are bundled services that are offered for a special fee. The feedback has been excellent!The response has been so positive, that you’ve asked us for Wellness packages for your adult pets.How could we say no? Adult packages are now available for adult pets.These packages will provide for your pet’s wellness needs for a year. The adult wellness package includes:Vaccinations Deworming and heartworm medications Fecal analysis for parasites Heartworm tests (for dogs)Wellness blood testing (blood chemistry, complete blood count ) & urinalysisMonthly nail trims (as needed)6 weeks of pet insuranceMicrochip (if never done)10% discount on dental cleaning if neededThe packages are valid for 1 year after purchase and can be renewed annually.Packages for dogs are $425.00 and cats are $400.00. Thank you for your great ideas!


Our annual fundraiser raised over $2400.00 this year for Cats Anonymous and the CNIB guide dog training fund. The weather was good to us again and we had a great day! Mark your calendars for next year’s fun day at WVS, Saturday June 3, 2006. Thank you for your continued support!The winner of our Buck a Bone contest was a little Jack Russell named “Cinnamon” Montgomery. Her family received a $100.00 credit for services and products from WVS. Congratulations!

Referrals welcome! The biggest thank you we get from our clients are the referrals you make to your friends, families and coworkers. It lets us know we are doing a good job.Thank you!

Campus Estates Animal Hospital Emergency Services

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that we have joined with Campus Estates Animal Hospital for our after hours emergency care. Campus Estates Animal Hospital (CEAH) has 4 associates including Dr. Marco Mazzocco, who is responsible for the emergency services for most of the Guelph and the surrounding area. Dr. Mazzocco has five years’ experience in emergency medicine. He also completed an internship at the Ontario Veterinary College, which included small animal medicine, surgery and critical care. If you have an after hours emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, call our clinic at 846-5327 and follow the phone instructions, or call Campus Estate directly at 519-837-1214. Campus Estates Animal Hospital Southside Plaza 1460 Gordon St. S., Guelph 519-837-1214 Website—www.petsandvets.ca

Staff News

Dr. Joanne Reichertz attended a dog behaviour seminar in October with Dr. Ian Dunbar through the University of Guelph, where she learned new techniques for puppy socialization. WVS will be offering puppy socialization classes once a month starting soon! Dr. Yvette Scott celebrated her 10th anniversary of practicing as a veterinarian. We congratulate Yvette on her accomplishments! Roberta Ruthig (Bobbie) has joined the WVS team. Bobbie received her Registerd Veterinary Technician Certificate in 2000 from Ridgetown College. You will see Bobbie assisting in the front exam room with the Doctor. Welcome Bobbie! Congratulations to Trina and her family. She had a bouncing, healthy baby boy in April 2005. We are happy for Trina and welcome her return in March 2006!

What Special Talent does your pet have?

by Tracy Bauman

Dr. Scott and I had the pleasure of visiting Shannon, a lovely 9 year old German Shepherd on a housecall last Spring. Shannon was happy to see us when we arrived at her owner’s front door.As Dr. Scott examined Shannon and spoke to her owner about her condition, Shannon started showing signs of restlessness. We don’t want to ruin a good thing, so of course we gave her a break.Then it became clear why she was restless…she was not agitated by us being there…the TV was on and the commercial break was over…yes folks, Shannon LOVES to watch Discovery Channel’s ANIMAL PLANET. She has the control over the television in the living room and Animal Planet is the only program that she allows!If Shannon’s mom wants to watch something else and sneaks to change the channel, she starts barking and is quite upset. As soon as Animal Planet is back on, she is comfortable.We couldn’t believe our eyes! Shannon would literally sit in front of the TV and attentively We couldn’t believe our eyes! Shannon would literally sit in front of the TV and attentively watch the program. During our visit, a show about puppies was on and Shannon was acting as though those puppies were right in her living room…grabbing toys for them and placing them in front of the TV, barking and growling if she thought they needed discipline. It was truly an amazing thing to see! The housecall took longer than expected as we were in awe about how Shannon liked TV so much.Without hesitation Shannon’s mom agreed that we could share this story with our clients.Does your pet have a special talent? If so, we would love to hear from you and share your story. Please contact me at wvs@bellnet.ca with your story

Fun Day for Farley at WVS

October 1, 2005 WVS held it’s first “Fun Day for Farley”. We had a garage sale, dog agility demonstrations and photos with Santa. O.P.P. Constables Barry Reid and Frank Lauzon and their K9 partners Riker & Viper joined us.Barry demonstrated how Riker is trained to apprehend “bad guys” and Viper showed us his talent of tracking and finding drugs.For anyone who thinks they can out run a K9 officer or conceal drugs, they are mistaken!A Big thank you to Barry, Frank and their K9 partners, Riker and Viper! Monthly draws!!Next visit remember…. Fill out a ballot for our monthly draw.

Medi-cal and Royal Canin Merge

Royal Canin has merged with Medi-Cal veterinary Diets. For our clients who purchase these diets, be aware that some of the packaging may change over the next couple of years. This is a positive change for both companies’ veterinary diet lines. Both companies have an excellent track record of research and testing exsisting and new diets. We are very excited to be able to offer these diets to our clients. If you have any questions, please call the office.

Important Dates

Sunday December 25, 2005 – Christmas Day—ClosedMonday December 26, 2005 – Boxing Day—ClosedTuesday December 27, 2005—ClosedSunday January 1, 2006 – New Year’s Day—ClosedMonday January 2, 2006—Closed Friday April 14, 2006 – Good Friday—ClosedMonday May 22, 2006 – Victoria Day—ClosedSaturday May 27, 2006 – ClosedSaturday June 3, 2006 – Annual Fundraiser for Cats Anonymous and The Guelph Humane Society

On the Label

“This food has been formulated to meet the AAFCO nutrient profile for all stages of a cat’s (or dog’s) life”Have you noticed this claim that’s on a bag or can of pet food (perhaps one in you cupboard) and wondered what it really means? AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) establishes minimum requirements for feeding pets. These requirements can be met by calculating nutrient the content of food mathematically using standard tables. It does not take into account digestibility or nutrient availablility. It is very possible to formulate diets that meet minimum requirements on paper, but when fed to pets do not provide adequate nutrients for growth and maintenance.More importantly, when foods are formulated for “all life stages” requirements, they must meet the requirements for growth and reproduction as well as adult food.In simple terms, these “all life stage foods” are actually designed to feed puppies because their nutrient requirements are higher. Most adults dogs would be receiving too much fat, calcium, calories and protein after they have stopped growing.Adult pets should be fed food specifically designed for their age, body condition, health status and activity level.

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“By-products…what do they mean?”.