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Get a Diagnosis

Your pet’s health and wellbeing is our top priority. Speak to a licensed veterinarian online to assess your pet’s symptoms, make a diagnosis, and recommend appropriate treatment.

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Treatment Plan

Get an actionable treatment plan with personalized instructions for medications, dietary adjustments, or exercises. In some cases, we may recommend medical procedures, therapy or surgery.

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Online Prescriptions

If your pet’s treatment plan includes medication, the veterinarian can send certain prescriptions to your closest veterinary practice.

Where such diagnosis, treatment plan and prescriptions are able to be provided via telemedicine. Our veterinarians may
refer your pet for an in-person physical examination where necessary.

How it works

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The online telemedicine services being provided are in affiliation with Thomas Glen Erin Animal Hospital, an accredited veterinary practice/facility in Ontario.

Get the answers you need:

Skin issues

Rashes, excessive licking or scratching, fur staining, or redness, scabs/crusts, hair loss, and fleas.

digestive issues

Vomiting, diarrhea, gas, retching, decreased appetite.

odd behaviour

Lethargy, loss of appetite, aggression, depression, cognitive dysfunction in older pets, other behaviour concerns, separation anxiety, environmental enrichment, etc.

minor injuries

Treating small wounds, cuts, scrapes, and broken nails.

Gastrointestinal issues, diet or weight loss.

chronic conditions

Arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease.

senior pet care

Nutrition, pain management, behavioural changes, and environmental enrichment.

second opinions

About a diagnosis or treatment plan, provided the consulting veterinarian has adequate recent and sufficient information.

end of life care

Quality of life assessments, end-of-life decisions, palliative care.


Do not use this platform or telemedicine services for medical emergencies. If your pet is facing a medical emergency, immediately go to the nearest open emergency veterinary hospital.

The limitations of telemedicine prevent the veterinarian from conducting a hands-on physical examination of your pet. The primary objective of telemedicine services is to attend to non-urgent concerns that do not require a physical examination.

The veterinarian providing services via telemedicine may determine that a physical examination is required and refer your pet for an in-person visit.

Please follow up with your regular veterinarian for ongoing care of your pet.

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