Worms, and ticks, and fleas - oh my!

Parasite season is just around the corner!

Since starting practice over 25 years ago, the emphasis on parasite prevention has changed.  I remember lots of intestinal parasites, only a few groundhog ticks in dogs living rurally, and a rare report of heartworm disease coming to Ontario.

Lyme disease was just emerging in the eastern US. Now, I see deer ticks during all but the deepest of winter. We are diagnosing Lyme disease every year; heartworm disease is moving north, especially as dogs are rescued from warmer climates and intestinal worms have changed as well, with reports of Echinococcus (a species of tapeworm) in Ontario foxes.

This parasite can be deadly to our pets and to people. Testing has changed as well.  We emphasized heartworm for years, but now offer a test we call the 4 DX that detects heartworm and 3 tick-borne diseases, including Lyme disease for the cost of $62.50. Many clients use this opportunity to check general blood work in their dogs (and cats) which includes 4 DX testing for $179.00.

For anyone who has registered for the Adult Wellness Package, these are included*

As soon as temperatures start to climb above 4 C, it’s time to start parasite prevention!  Contact us today to discuss the best option for your pets.

Warm regards,
Dr. Yvette Waterman-Scott | D.V.M and Associates